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SharePoint is the best collaboration platform that is available to date.

In the past years, Microsoft has made great efforts on making SharePoint more social.

The SharePoint Modern Experience and social integration web parts show how sincere and effective it is.

You know that SharePoint by itself is not a social media platform. To ensure an authentic social media experience, you will be better served by other Microsoft tools within the Office 365 ecosystem like Teams and Yammer.
This article discusses a few ways that you can make SharePoint more social and productive among your workforce.

Team Sites and Community Sites

The virtual office is somewhat like a real office environment. Collaboration and cross-communication, and socializing is a new way of online productive work culture. The productivity will be the best when you work in a team and socialize within your team.

One of the most effective ways to engage, communicate, and collaborate with your team is by using the SharePoint Team Site and Community Site options. It is interesting, fun, and makes work more interactive.
Team sites let you share documents and all kinds of information about your team and make communication streamlined.
On the other hand, a Communication site allows users to start a discussion and get solutions for problems.

Comments on SharePoint Pages

In SharePoint modern pages, you can turn on comments and they are great as a first interaction. Every modern page now has a comments section at the bottom.
One of the easiest ways to make your SharePoint environment more social is to encourage comments on SharePoint modern pages.

Making comments, and grabbing people’s attention on project sites and team sites is always a good idea.

Comments can also be used for adding any extra information, reminding something, sharing an experience, or even for appreciating an effort, or even the page content. It can make people interact and create discussions to eradicate doubts.

Comments in Documents

Yet another way to make SharePoint more social is to start using the comments feature on documents.

For documents like excel, you can also use @mentions to your colleagues like you can on social media platforms to notify about any priority items so that they get a notification.

Yammer Feed

For organizations, the best way to make SharePoint more social is, by using Yammer on your SharePoint pages. Yammer offers great discussion groups and an alternative to email. Yammer is a very good enterprise social networking platform.

The specialty of Yammer is the conversations can be embedded on a SharePoint page. You can also respond to the conversations in Yammer right from within a SharePoint page.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are now integrated and are more unimpeachable. It gives users plenty of features to communicate and collaborate among teams.

Documents and files shared through Teams are stored in SharePoint. Meetings are considered a great way of making interactions in a team. Teams allow us to perform meetings and record the meeting and save it to SharePoint for future reference.
SharePoint and Teams is the best combo that lets the workforce socialize and communicate more effectively. Even though the sites are accessible through Teams, all the conversations will be held in Teams. You can also wait for more features in the near future.

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