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Experiencing any lapses in taking advantage of SharePoint intranet for your digital workplace? With the huge amount of cash you have doled out already, your office space is nothing close to being called a digital working environment? Are you beginning to assume that employing digital tools as a means to ensuring a better workplace is all a fairytale? Intranetbee presents you with the most advanced intranet product for SharePoint and Office 365. Conquer your intranet problems today with Intranetbee's advanced business process automation tools like employee arrival, project management, business apps, business charts, meeting room management, tickets now, event management, forms and advanced document management. With our software, you are also entitled to fantastic portals like HR, Community and Marketing.

We don't just sell products. We sell experiences.

You're Valued

There is nothing like treating your customers like the esteemed partners that they are. At Intranetbee, we put our customers’ needs before ours. We believe in the game of ultimate clients’ satisfaction. Our number one objective is to make sure that our clients get nothing short of the best.

Learn from Intranetbee

On our SharePoint Intranet Blog we have a couple of posts that can help your Business. You have to learn from us if you ever want to become as good as we are in the area of implementing intranet solutions.

Intranetbee - We understand you

We understand you

One factor that has helped us in our quest for actualizing a digital and smarter work space is the fact that we understand the difficulty you are experiencing in implementing other intranet solutions. Our intranet solution has been developed to surmount those challenges.

We are improving 

This is the reason why we’ll always unveil cutting-edge tools to help you solve your business problems. As far as we are concerned, there is always something new to work on. We prefer to remain unique in our approach to solving problems, hence, our team is always trying to improve on their various technology strategies with a specific reference to developing robust and outstanding intranet solutions

What Our Customers Say...

Getting our jobs done used to go with so much sacrifice because we had to switch between apps just to complete a project. But with this product everything has changed. We now get our projects completed with less pain.


Project delay was simply due to the fact that we lacked the right tools to turn things around. Thanks to Intranetbee product, project delays are now a thing of the past. 

Jennifer Fiori

I must say there has been a huge difference in the way we carry out our operations. It is easier to get employees updated on sensitive information. I run a health organization that coordinates thousands of employees.


How Intranetbee Was Born

Having dealt with some of the challenges that companies had to go through in implementing their intranet solution, a certain group of technology experts decided to put their heads together so that a much robust intranet solution can be born. Simply put, Intranetbee was born because firstly, we realized that small companies were losing out in their bid to implement intranet solutions since they were spending thousands of dollars just to bring their custom development requirements to fruition. Secondly, organizations are not maximizing their Office 365 and SharePoint features. Underutilizing these features simply meant that productivity levels were going to be negatively affected. Thirdly, there have been so many failed projects simply because some intranet solutions have never justified the claims of their providers.

How Intranetbee was born


With these problems finally laid to rest by our product, it is not wrong if you categorize Intranetbee as one of the best things that has ever happened to the world of intranet users. We have an objective to ease most of the difficulties experienced around any digital workplace, and that is why we have built a complete SharePoint intranet solution free of charge for basic users. We understand that great patronage is only possible with great service. Hence, when we give away a product for free we only charge a minimum fee for helping you set-up your intranet.

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Please contact us on support@intranetbee.com. Our outstanding customer support team will get back to you within a couple of hours.

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