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SharePoint spaces used to build an immersive 3D experience with point and click. It’s nothing but the features to beautify the surrounding, sounds, textures and lights.
Once after creating a space environment in your SharePoint site, you can add either 3D or 2D content in it. By using SharePoint space, users will be able to interact with too large, too dynamic content like 3D-content. You can also use 360-degree videos in it which are embedded in SharePoint pages. It allows you to create, edit the content in the browser or in the headset.
These pages are stored in the Site Pages library. It will be available to everyone who has access to the site.

Need for SharePoint Spaces in Business

In order to make the site better responsive, interactive and impressive to users, SharePoint spaces play a lead role. In order to grow business in the competitive environment it’s very important to attract users/customers and to do this SharePoint spaces play a vital role.
In simple terms the SharePoint spaces are used for Better 3D-Impressiveness, Extra-ordinary compatibility and best user experience. It also supports files, text and images from the existing SharePoint site.

Enable SharePoint spaces in the SharePoint site

  • In order to enable the SharePoint spaces in the SharePoint site, you should have the Owner permission on the site
  • Navigate to the SharePoint site as given below in the Screenshot. Choose the settings icon on the right corner of the site.

  • In the upcoming panel click “Site Information” link as given below in the screenshots.

  • Once after that navigate to the “View all site settings” as shown below.

  • You will find the list of the site action as shown in below screenshot. From the list choose the managed site features.

  • In the next page you will find all the features which you can either activate or deactivate. Look for the feature named “Spaces (Preview) then click the Activate button.

Once it is activated, you will be now able to add the 3D-content and you are able to perform all the activities of spaces as mentioned above.

  • Once it is done, Navigate back to the SharePoint site. Navigate to the SharePoint site Home Page New. You will find the spaces option in the dropdown as shown in below screenshot.

  • Enter the space name and space description as shown in the below screenshot. Choose the template you want your site to appear. You can also change the space name and template later in the SharePoint Space settings.

  • It will take some time to load and build the SharePoint space environment.

  • Once it is loaded, republish the site, Now SharePoint spaces are added to the SharePoint site as given below. Now you are able to add the webparts dedicatedly available for SharePoint Spaces.

  • After publishing this is how the SharePoint site appears along with the headset option that is available on the down right corner as shown below in the screenshots. If you have AR headsets available, you can have a real time 3D experience just from your SharePoint site.

SharePoint spaces are now available in preview version, anyone can access this feature with the office 365 account. It’s mandatory as mentioned earlier to activate the spaces features in the SharePoint site.

Hope this article helps you to understand what SharePoint spaces are and how to activate in your tenant.
Keep following our blogs to where we’ll discuss some interesting concepts in SharePoint spaces like embedding Audio, video and other existing SharePoint site content in spaces and amazing webparts for the same.

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