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In this article, we are going to discuss the most important and interesting web part in SharePoint. Microsoft Power apps are available in preview version.
Let’s discuss how the Microsoft power apps web part works and it’s use case scenarios one by one. Before getting into the topic, we need to know what power apps. Though Power apps spotted in the previous article, let’s brush up the basic knowledge so it will help us in further discussions.

Power Apps:

Power apps is nothing but the service that connects the data and the work across the mobile and web. It is fundamentally a development platform. It is a part of a power platform which includes power automate, power BI etc. Power apps mainly used to act and modify the data. You can act on the data by using power apps forms, automate it by means of flows and analyse data using power BI.
This is how power platforms work together, now in this article we are going to see how to embed the existing app in the power apps portal in SharePoint site.

Business case:

In some cases, we need to embed power apps to SharePoint sites . Like to-do list, product details and so on. We can perform this action by following the steps given below.
Note: Refer previous article to know how to create a power app, which is demonstrated with simple examples. It will be useful if you are new to power apps.
In this article, we are not going to create a power app rather we are going to use an existing one.
Navigate to power apps portal Click open Choose Power apps Choose the app from the available list.

Navigate to SharePoint site Create a new site or use an existing one click on Add-on icon Search for Microsoft Power apps Preview version will be available as highlighted below

The screen shows up the following screenshot as given below. Click Add an app It will show the right pane Provide App link Id.

To get the app link Id, Navigate to the power apps portal. Choose an app Click share Link will get populated Extract link from it as given below,

After extracting the link from the power apps portal Paste it on the app web link on the SharePoint site web part properties.

Power apps loaded in the SharePoint site as shown in the screenshot. This is how we can be able to embed the Power apps to SharePoint site.

Hope this article helps to understand how to enable a single place in a SharePoint site to connect with your Power Apps.

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