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One of the most important and classic features of SharePoint is to move and copy documents between various sites. One Drive somehow linked to SharePoint is also used for sharing and storing files and documents.
In this article you are going to learn how to move and copy documents in SharePoint and OneDrive.

Items you can move and copy in SharePoint and One Drive

You can move any files and folders in your SharePoint Document Libraries or OneDrive.
Also, you can save or move links and files stored in your SharePoint Document Libraries or OneDrive.

Three ways you can move and copy content:

  1. You can copy/move within the same library in SharePoint
  2. You can copy/move to your OneDrive from SharePoint
  3. You can copy/move to another SharePoint Site from SharePoint and One Drive

Before You Move & Copy Documents in SharePoint

Before you start moving documents, you must follow the SharePoint sites you want to move the content to.

This will allow you to select the destination site from the massive list of sites you have in your SharePoint.

The Follow button can be found on the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. The following sites will be shown at the top when you perform a move or copy.

How to Move & Copy

When the move operation is done the files/folders from the site are moved to a destination site.

It physically deletes and relocates the files/folders to the site where you want to keep them. The move operation will maintain the file contents and version.
When the copy operation is done the files/folders from the site are copied to a destination without removing the original file from the source site.

The copy operation will only copy the latest available version of the file.


  1. You will find check boxes next to the file and folder you would like to move or copy.

2. Select the check boxes and choose either Move or Copy, depending on what you want to do.

3. From the site select the location appearing on the right-hand-side panel, select the appropriate folder to move.

4.If you do not see a site to move. click on browse sites and choose one of the sites where you want to move the item. You can also create folders here.

5.If your destination site has many libraries or folders, you will need to navigate through different sub-folders to find the destination folder. After entering the desired folder click on move here.

6.Once the file operation is complete you will get a notification that the file moved or copied.

Copy/Move Very Large Files

For moving very large packets of information, One Drive Sync is the best option. One Drive sync will then resync everything to SharePoint.

You can always use commercial third-party migration tools to move large volumes of data without any cut-off.

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