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In this article, we’ll discuss what are all the new features, capabilities that are added in Microsoft Teams in Microsoft ignite 2020.

Together Mode (Meetings)

To make the participants close together and to experience the real time feel of in person meeting this feature is added. Users are allowed to select a variety of settings like auditorium, conference room and so on. It’s the foremost and coolest feature out of all the other one.

Custom Layouts

Custom Layout determines how the content need to be presented. For Example: If someone presents a PowerPoint presentation, custom Layout enables us to show the video of the person presenting on the front along with the content of presentation. It will make the listeners or participants to experience the real scenario of the seminars or meetings.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are special feature that allow meeting participants to split into groups. Organizer can split the meeting group to facilitate brainstorming session or workgroup discussion.

Meeting Recap

A meeting recap with recordings, chats, files and more are automatically shared in the meeting tab. And this feature is especially helpful for those who are unable to attend the meeting.

Webinar Registration and Reports

As an event organizer webinar registration feature in teams helps to create custom events and help the organizers to manage and track the attendance of the attendees participating in an event. Reporting feature allows us to view the attendee engagements.

Meeting Room Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is one of the new features of MS teams meeting room experience. It plans the capacity of people in a room based on the capacity provided by the IT administrator and it notify the people in the room if the capacity of people in the room reaches more than actual capacity.

Calling Experience

New Calling Experience enables the user to make a call easier from the recent history by single click. Collaborative calling features enable the IT help desk or other people to easily connect the call queues to other channels.

Chat and Collaboration

Team templates enable us to choose the common business templates like high risk management templates as well as the industry specific templates such as the banking sector and so on. New search results with AI-Powered enable faster results based on the person you engage the most in teams and another Microsoft 365 service.
Team capacity is increased from 10000 to 25k. Microsoft list in teams enables users to create lists directly from the teams, helps the team to stay on top of what matters most.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Each and every individual including managers, business leads will get specific insights based on their role and actions need to be taken to improve productivity. Along with this, additional personal well-being features are also added to help individuals unwind.

Home Site App

To give employees a gateway to their organization intranet, New home site app that brings the power of the SharePoint site and an organization intranet directly into the teams.

First Line workers

Walkie talkie features enable the secure cloud communication among people in an organization, Turning the smartphones as walkie talkie. It reduces the number of devices that need to be carried by the person by providing a secure and clear communication.
Integration between teams and RealWear enables the field workers 100% hands-free on carrying devices.

Health Care

Team HER Connector allows the patients to virtually connect or consult to other providers in teams through ERH connector.
Integration of Nuance Dragon Ambient experience (DAX) with Microsoft teams, securely captures the physician-patient conversation and provides the automated clinical documents for health visits.

Security and Compliance

Customer Support keys enable customers to add a layer of encryption using their own keys. Microsoft graph change notification API for messages in teams enables developers to build an app that listens to team messages.


IT admins are now able to create teams custom line-of-business app catalogue using their organization branding. Bulk policy assignment allows the administrator to apply policies to bulk user lists up to 50k. ARM64 native apps increase the performance and reliability on ARM devices.

Power Platform

Developers are now able to integrate their apps into team meetings and create scenarios that will promote deep awareness of the meeting context. More than 20 launch partners who have been integrating these new extensibility points in their teams apps and make it available to use.

Approvals in Microsoft Teams

We have got the ability to create, manage and share approval directly from teams. Approval flows can start from a channel, chat or from the approvals app. It helps to get document approvals within a project team from the managers.

Approval Requestor:
You can raise the Approval request right away from the channel chat window as below which will open up a form to collect the approval details including attachments.

Once the approval is sent, you can find the detailed card for the same as below.


Once the requestor sends the approval request, respective approver will get notification and they will get a detailed card as below from where the request can be approved or rejected from the same card view.

Either the approver approves/rejects the request, the requestor will get the notification again and they can find all the approvals in the left menu of Teams as like below,

By clicking each of the items in this list, you will be able to view the complete detail about the specific approval request.

GitHub for Teams

The GitHub team’s app has provided a single hub to collaborate across their teams and streamline workflows from managing pull requests to staying on top of notification.

Hope this article is interesting by letting you know some of the important updates in Microsoft teams in Ignite 2020. Along with this given feature many more new features are available in Microsoft teams and it’s growing every day. Keep watching our blogs to get more updates.

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