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Modern Office 365 SharePoint intranet Software

​Themes & Business apps, built from the ground up to make your entire Office 365 SharePoint site convert more of your Employees into most Productive employees

Your intranet for Office 365 SharePoint is innovatively designed, Collaborative and has great options for all types of companies that you just don’t see with other Intranet providers. Amazing job! Absolutely love Intranetbee!


Take a Look at Our Product Highlights

See our wide range of themes allows crafting almost any imaginable design and requiring no coding. They are also packed with features that make your setting up Office 365 intranet life easy.

Intranetbee is the world’s first site creation tool for SharePoint without needing to visit the SharePoint site settings. Create different kinds of website, in one just click.

Intranetbee is the fastest user personalisation tool for the Office 365 SharePoint. You can easily personalize, site features and menu links and much more…

Highly powerful, searchable and accessible and ready to go document management tool for the SharePoint resulting in greater productivity and increased user adoption

Load different types of movable widgets on your SharePoint page to show content in your widget areas based on different rules

With Bee communication you will gain the power to increase the engagement through several options like up voting, attaching an image, attaching a word document and attaching a video that you don’t see with other intranet providers.

Bee search simply optimizes Microsoft’s SharePoint search capabilities by providing you with more flexibility and better search options. With Bee search, your search for anything or anybody around your work environment will be absolutely stress-free. This web part makes your search task an enjoyable one.

This is the best our company has been running in my 20 years here. We started using Intranetbee a few months ago and it exceeded all our expectations! This came at the right time when I was trying to increase the productivity of employees. A soon as we installed Intranetbee on top of Office 365 SharePoint I have  noticed an increase in productivity since we switched from another intranet provider!


The problem we were struggling with within the organization was creating different sites without visiting the SharePoint site settings and setting up different permissions for different users. Intranetbee not only helped us in setting up sites but it also improved employee engagement and communication


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“WOW, a 3 times increase in productivity when I switched to Intranetbee. A great value, really loving it. I am very pleased, and we have used more expensive SharePoint intranet tools in the past and this beats hands down. Also the technical support is world class when I ask out of the box features


Before choosing Intranetbee, we had seen demos from a variety of big companies but nothing beats up the features of Intranetbee. You guys also impressed us by under-promising and over-delivering when it came to installing the product on top of Office 365.

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