Intranetbee SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint Intranet serves as a content management system that can maintain and manage documents in a single digital source.
Improve communication and collaboration between employees.
Our platform provides a shared hub with out-of-the-box features for transparent communication – which makes an intranet platform much easier to use.

SharePoint has been around in various ways for a long time, and it’s developed and changed a lot along the way. I am going to take you through the process of building a modern SharePoint Online Intranet

In older classic Team Sites, the look and feel are quite basic, and there were fewer built-in web parts available such as a News web part.

Although it was possible to customize these classic pages and add branding, it was generally more difficult to make these sites look sleek and professional using only out-of-the-box tools.

Considering the fact, it was possible to add a News web part as a third-party app from the SharePoint Online store.

Since the emergence of the Modern SharePoint Online experience, it’s now become far easier to plan and develop your Intranet experience using the present capabilities.

Microsoft is now providing the SharePoint Lookbook which is an amazing resource with a variety of styles to choose from.

These include:






The Microsoft 365 Look Book has helped to guide the customers to create “extraordinary intranets”.

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Intranet Features

Custom Company Branding

The intranet portal theme matches your company brand and specific business needs.

Simple Navigation

Intranet has been designed to keep good navigation and user experience.

Combined with Office 365

SharePoint and Office 365 work wherever you are.

Team Collaboration

Empower collaboration among every one of your teams.

Designed Around the User

The modern and intelligent intranet is targeted at your activities and actions. It ensures engagement and exchange of information in practical communities

Go mobile

By using the mobile web app, and dashboards and workflows available as native mobile apps, you can offer your employees what they are used to on the web.

Intranetbee Widgets


The Slider widget shows images as slides with a short description. This can be used to share product images, office vacation images, or organization images. There is also an option to set a time interval to switch added slide images automatically. The images are added to Site Assets libraries and the links and data are fetched from a Slider list at the backend

News Feed

The modern intranet blog posts in SharePoint can be displayed as news on this widget. The banner images of pages along with the news post headings are highlighted inside this widget. There are two different views for this widget. The Hero web part view, list view, and tile view.


The Weather Web Part displays the current weather as provided by the MSN Weather RSS feed. Any viewer of a published page can switch the units of temperature between °F and °C for their own view.


The Tiles widget is used to display a group of quickly accessible internal or external links with icons. The icons, names, and colors of the tiles can be customized based on user preference. It displays data from a list called Tiles from the backend.


The alert widget is used to display organization alert messages. The background color of the items in the widget is set for handling the different priorities. Green for information, blue for medium priority, and red striped rose for high priority


The Events widget is used to display calendar events. The events are added to a backend calendar list. You can add as many numbers as events and display them on home pages or department pages. The calendar is linked to the widget and it can be configured to display all events in a month or all upcoming events.

Personal Apps

The personal app’s widget is used to add internal or external links for individual use. You can also create an icon for links which will create a nice look to the widget. The items added on this widget will be only visible to the person who adds them. These app items will be different for different users.

Birthday and Anniversary

Celebration widgets can be used to display Birthdays and Anniversaries. These widgets fetch data from the Office365 user-profiles and are directly displayed on the widget. The Birthday and anniversary widget can be used either individually for birthdays and anniversaries or as a single widget to display Birthdays and Anniversaries.

Custom Links

This widget is used to display links with icons. Both internal and external links can be saved in this widget. You have the option to customize the background color of this widget.

Organization Charts

The company organization chart displays the team-wise hierarchical chart to display employee’s designation details. The details are extracted from Azure Active Directory via graph-API and displayed on the widget.

Intranet- Build your Organisation!

The Bee Intranet will help you build your Organisation into a digital workplace.

Our SharePoint Intranet Portal Demo Video!

Do you have an Intranet?

Intranets have traditionally existed in organizations for managing communication internally. So far, have been working fine with organizations across the world.

Although over the last few years, SharePoint Intranets have become synonymous with Digital workplaces and these workplaces are proving to go beyond the Intranets you have.


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Client's Testimonial

“They do everything they BS”

"I am really glad & feel lucky that I got Intranetbee instead of other SharePoint solutions available out there (some even cost a bomb!)Their price is reasonable, system and services are worth every penny that I invested. Their tech support/programmers are very good, patiently set up every meeting session, listen to our request carefully, and able to provide a sound solution. They provide multiple training sessions to ensure that we completely learn all the necessary stuff. With Intranetbee, I can see much better collaboration among staff, office processes are much more organized."

Jimmy Tan

Jimmy Tan

IT Manager
“They do everything they BS”

Intranetbee is Great!  They are easy to work with and I happily recommend them to anyone looking for help with Intranet or SharePoint-related development!  They have a deep-rooted SharePoint skill set coupled with integrity that’s hard to match. We are happy we found Intranetbee! Our firm is growing rapidly and having Intranetbee in our corner is just a huge asset. We’ve utilized them to create our Intranet site along with several internal workflow solutions. We have several more workflows in mind that Intranetbee will help us within the near future. Keep up the good work Intranetbee!”

Paul Morash

Paul Morash