User Directory

Bee employee directory will help organizations to find the employee quickly, it is synced with your active directory. The web part allows you to display your company’s employees on a page in an interactive format. It is in such a format that, many organizations do not require to see a reporting structure and just need to quickly lookup contact information on their colleagues. So this is a versatile SharePoint Employee Directory.

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User Directory Features


The search option allows you to search employees by name.


The employees can be displayed sorted and filtered based on location and departments.


Phone numbers are visible here. You can connect easily


Email ids are also visible. A quick mailing option is available.

Teams Connect

Teams connect option is integrated into our user directory.

Linked In

Easy option to share and connect to Linked In.

User Directory Classic Features

Finding by name

The most common is when users know either the first name or last name of the person they are trying to find

Locating someone in a department

Users frequently want to find someone in a department, like Human Resources, because they are trying to solve a problem that they think they’ll know the answer to

Locating someone with a similar role

When users are new to a role in the organization, often they want to find people with similar job titles to them. That way they can ask them questions about their own role or get feedback from people who are likely to be able to help

Locating the office location of an employee

When users are trying to organize in-person meetings, they’ll often want to add the office of one of the people they are meeting. To do that they’ll look up the person by name, or
even click on their contact card in the email thread and copy and pasted the office location

Locating someone by navigating the org chart

There are situations where users know someone in the organization and are looking for someone in a specific role either above them or below them in the hierarchy. Being able
to search for that individual they know, and then view the organizational hierarchy of that person and navigate up and down is a critical way to discover individuals

User Directory Service Options

  • On-premises (SharePoint Server 2016 or 2019).
  • Cloud (SharePoint Online).
  • Hybrid

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  • Third-party platform – SharePoint On-premises.
  • Third-party platform – SharePoint Online.
  • SharePoint Server 2013, 2016, 2019 – SharePoint Online/Office 365.

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  • Intranet branding to promote corporate values and maintain consistency of your digital environment.
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