Policy Management

Policy management is becoming increasingly important for every business. This utility allows the user to create, manage, edit and approve various company policies with help of this solution. Utilize various policies to enhance your organization to a greater extend.

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Policy Management Bookmarks

You can create and organize managed bookmarks for certain policies to give users quick access to policy resources for faster access. The policies that you add appear in the bookmarks bar in Policy management system.

All Policies

An effective policy management system will have an all policies section where all the company policies are listed. It makes policies more quickly accessible to staff, guiding care and safety decisions.


Policy Reports

The Policy Management Reports provides the requirements for preparing your company’s short-time policy reports. These reports can be generated from the policy management system itself. The policy reports are available in the excel format as per a management approach.

Policy Features

Policy Dashboard

This section shows the Latest Policies, Published Policies, My Policies, My Approvals, Active policies, Latest policies and Policies assigned to you.


This section displays the policy report

My Policies

All policies: All your policies, you can mark and delete policies from here

My Approvals: All policies you approved. Delete option is there.

My Policies: All policies assigned to you. You can delete policies here also

Policies Require Attestation: Policies that are ready to attest.


Company policies: All company polies is listed here

Approve/reject policies: To approve or reject policies

Pending policies: Pending policies to approve

Approved policies: All approved policies

Published policies: All published policies

Rejected policies: All rejected policies

Expired policies: All expired policies