Meeting Room Experiences at Next Level

Schedule meetings in seconds, book rooms on specially designed room displays and optimize room usage using our real-time analytics dashboard. Book rooms through your preferred calendar which syncs up with our meeting displays and dashboard in real-time, saving time and eliminating the need for multiple portals. Use our specially designed meeting room displays to book meetings, bookings, end and extend meetings, and much more.

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Room Booking Features

Advanced digital system
Event Booking
Room Reservation System
Email Integration
Now 70% Faster

Room Booking Classic Functionalities


Generating, approving, and  rejecting booking requests

Checking plans

Confirm/ Reject

Email/ Message notifications integrations

Resource Management

Viewing resource and equipment availability

Re-allocate, cancel, block, extend room bookings

Schedule the resource requirements

Manage all bookings over the web and mobile

Digital Engagement

Automated email generation

Configure invitations to internal and external meeting attendees

Assigning attendees to requests

Manage all bookings over the web and mobile

Room Booking Service Options

    • On-premises (SharePoint Server 2016 or 2019).
    • Cloud (SharePoint Online).
    • Hybrid

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      • Third-party platform – SharePoint On-premises.
      • Third-party platform – SharePoint Online.
      • SharePoint Server 2013, 2016, 2019 – SharePoint Online/Office 365.

      Request Migration

        • Intranet branding to promote corporate values and maintain consistency of your digital environment.
        • Intranet redesign via creating custom web parts and add-ins to help it regain popularity among users.