HRMS For Organizations

Try using the bee hr management system now to make your human resource process easy and quick, your hr administrators and normal employees will get unique dashboards to access the information. It has email notifications for all type of updates and it will help employees to access the information’s which is relevant for them.

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HRMS Features


You can see an interactive dashboard of the system, it will help employees understand what is happening and what are the new updates.

Performance Management

Bee HRMS will help managing the performance of an employee.


You can manage all company recruitment using the bee HRMS. It will help make the hiring process quicker.


Employees time sheet can be visible in bee HRMS and it will help hr manager to download it as spreadsheet.


Payroll of the company will be very easy to manage using bee hrms.


A dedicated tab to manage the company documents relevant for HR.

HRMS Classic Features

Collaborate with teams

The bee hr management system will work in teams and SharePoint, so the HR person can access the system in teams.

Make the process seamless

The system have all features in one place and it is integrated with Microsoft flow as well so it is got to handle any process.

Manage your organization

You can manage your organization policies, payroll etc with bee HRMS.

HRMS Service Options

    • Changing the code to fulfill your requirement.
    • Adding additional functionalities.

    Request Development

      • Third-party Solutions.
      • Microsoft Office365 products.

      Request Migration

      • Developing additional features based on your need.
      • Enabling additional workflows that specifically for you.
      • Branding and Theme