Plan anything with Bee Project Management

This utility allows you to manage SharePoint Intranet Projects, tasks, prioritize to-dos, and delegate tasks. Task conflict is a challenge that has become so common in the digital workplace. As part of our drive to ensuring a digital and extraordinary workplace, our task management utility helps you to get that task to that particular employee without wasting any time. Assign tasks and equally have the status of those tasks monitored along the execution chain.

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Project Management Features

Overdue Tasks

The overdue tab on the home page will display all the due tasks and their priority.

Performance Charts

Your overall performance can be viewed as a chart.

Recent Projects

Display recently worked on projects on a web part.

Today's Tasks

Sort and display the priority tasks for that day.

Project Management Classic Features

Project Details

When managing a team, it is highly important to have everyone’s tasks and responsibilities outlined and visible

Time tracking

Having all the data collected to a comprehensive PM tool means that you can easily share it with your team and access it in a few clicks.

Team collaboration

A large project team may consist of multiple people, each working on specific tasks and having expert knowledge. it’s highly important to establish organized and quick communication through available resources

Project Management Service Options

  • On-premises (SharePoint Server 2016 or 2019).
  • Cloud (SharePoint Online).
  • Hybrid

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  • Third-party platform – SharePoint On-premises.
  • Third-party platform – SharePoint Online.
  • SharePoint Server 2013, 2016, 2019 – SharePoint Online/Office 365.

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  • Intranet branding to promote corporate values and maintain consistency of your digital environment.
  • Intranet redesign via creating custom web parts and add-ins to help it regain popularity among users.