The Powerful Bee Helpdesk

Intranetbee powered Office 365 Help Desk offers one place dashboard to manage all your IT support. Incident workflows can improve your business productivity explore the best way of managing internal and external requests with our Help Desk utility. Our Help Desk utility allows you to attend to whatever inquiries need attention without wasting much time.

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Helpdesk Features

Ticket Queue

This feature makes it possible to automatically move a ticket to preferred queues on the basis of ticket and customer data when it is created.

Email Ticket Creation

The email’s to your inbox will be automatically converted and saved as tickets.

Today's Tasks

Today’s task is a section that shows the daily updates about the day-to-day tasks or current tickets to check on that day.

Overdue Tasks

The overdue tab on the home page will display all the due tickets and their priority.

Notification Tab

Another salient feature is the notification tab. You will get notified if you are mentioned in any notes section of the tickets.

Client Tab

You have the option to add as many clients in the client’s tab. Categories are added on the categories tab. Click on the “add new” button to create a new category for the helpdesk. 

Export to Excel

There is a dedicated option to auto-export and download all the added tickets to an excel file.

Helpdesk Classic Features

Resolve tickets with more accuracy

Agents can route technical questions to the IT professional or an in-house expert for an accurate response

No tickets are missed

Agents can set alerts to notify them about the day’s tickets. Managers can also set flows to auto-convert customer emails to tickets and channel them through ticket management

Focus on important tasks

Managers can automate repetitive and routine tasks and administrative compliance so agents can handle more critical tickets

Resolve tickets faster

It’s one of the main advantages of help desk software. Agents resolve tickets faster and more accurately through collaboration with other agents, routing to in-house experts, or quickly accessing product specs


The feel-good dashboard helps the user to see the most important data upon logging in. This may include ticket staus like not started, in progress, deferred, completed, waiting for someone etc

Ticketing system capability

Ticketing management is the main feature, it can perform various tasks like assigning, reassigning, escalating, resending, routing, closing and canceling tickets

Helpdesk Service Options

  • On-premises (SharePoint Server 2016 or 2019).
  • Cloud (SharePoint Online).
  • Hybrid

Request Development

  • Third-party platform – SharePoint On-premises.
  • Third-party platform – SharePoint Online.
  • SharePoint Server 2013, 2016, 2019 – SharePoint Online/Office 365.

Request Migration

  • Intranet branding to promote corporate values and maintain consistency of your digital environment.
  • Intranet redesign via creating custom web parts and add-ins to help it regain popularity among users.