Internal communications are at the center of digital transformation today. And, as companies adopt more and more advanced technological tools to communicate between employees in highly effective ways. With advanced SharePoint Intranet, there may soon come a time when intranets are seen as dusty relics of an older era.

Intranets are predominantly used by employees to search for information, communicate across an organization, and manage workflows.
An example of an intranet is a website that is exclusively used by a construction company to deliver updates and information to its workforce.

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Today’s education sector is using various kinds of hardware and software tools to develop effective communication between employees, teachers as well as students. We provide schools, universities, and colleges with a wide range of feature-rich intranet software and digital workplace solutions. From communicating with educational stakeholders to building courses on our integrated e-learning system, our software provides you with everything you need to effectively manage your institution’s administration and processes.

Display staff announcements on your intranet homepage to alert team members to important information as soon as they access their system. It saves time and resources needed to pass information between people. Our corporate social networking application allows you to share messages to faculty-specific activity streams or across the entire organization, helping you to broadcast communications more efficiently. Create dedicated intranet areas for your educational stakeholders, such as students, parents, the board of trustees, advisory committees, and local employers.

An Education Newsroom is a central area for communicators to curate relevant news and announcements. Employees can stay up to date on the latest updates, social media activity, industry news, and more.

Curate updates in the weekly highlights blog channel
Share market and industry news using the RSS widget
Aggregate and display social media activity

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Health Care

A well-designed Healthcare Intranet can provide employees with access to the tools they need to immediately improve communication, enhance staff education and training, and most importantly, improve patient care. Hospitals, Clinics, end-of-life care facilities, and other companies within the healthcare industry can benefit greatly by implementing an intranet within their organization.

A well-designed Healthcare Intranet can provide employees with access to the tools they need to immediately improve communication, enhance staff education and training, and most importantly, improve patient care.

Benefits to implementing a Healthcare Intranet are improving patient care

Improving Staff Communication

Improving Patient Care

Providing a Central Location for Resources

Providing Organized Departmental Sites

Help employees deliver improved patient care by supporting them with a powerful healthcare employee experience platform. Intranetbee is the provider of choice for some of the biggest healthcare organizations across the globe, launching collaboration-focused online solutions and unleashing expertise.
For hospitals and medical facilities, intranets can improve communication and collaboration, enhance staff training, and enable your people to do their best work.

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Credit Union

Credit unions are very connected with their members and their communities, and an intranet is an ideal way to share that type of information – as well as other organizational resources – in a consistent way.
Most credit unions have similar needs and use for an intranet, and their main priorities are to:

Share key information such as rates, policies, and services for members efficiently

Use their intranet to bridge organizational communication gaps

Streamline internal processes such as forms and training

Financial industries, in particular, need their staff to be up-to-date on rate changes and other industry information, as well as the services offered to members.

Improve credit union communication across all your branches. Our Intranet software puts critical knowledge at your employee’s fingertips, allowing them to deliver a consistent member experience.

Your community starts with your members. From raising funds to organizing volunteers, Intranetbee provides the tools you need to bring people together around common goals or interests.

Credit unions rarely have just one branch. Intranetbee’s intranet allows dispersed staff to connect, collaborate, and communicate securely across locations, branches, and departments.

Intranetbee is an intranet that provides employees with the tools and knowledge needed to get their job done quickly and efficiently, making for a happier, more engaged workforce.

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A Finance intranet is a private enterprise network, designed to support an organization’s financial employees to communicate, collaborate and perform their roles.
It serves a broad range of purposes and uses, but at its core, an intranet is there to help employees. They’ve evolved pages to become highly sophisticated, integrated digital workplace solutions.

A credit union Intranet can be defined as a private network used by an organization to manage finance related tasks.
The primary purpose of an intranet is to help employees securely communicate with each other, to store information, and to help collaborate.
Modern intranets use social features that allow employees to create profiles and to submit, like, comment, and share post.


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Base Template

Intranetbee old version template with integrated widgets and applications. Very fast and advanced integrated together as a single software package. Dedicated Admin Dashboard for Management.

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