The Bee Forms

Intranet bee powered Office 365  offers a new application called Bee Forms to create and manage custom SharePoint forms.

This forms app can be used to manage all your custom Forms. Bee form consists of a number of fields with labels for users to enter their data: first and last name, address, email, phone number, etc.

Bee form application is created to simplify all business processes, workflows, and also to make usages more pleasant and well-organized.

Bee forms will be serving as an outstanding collaboration and management tool in the coming years. Using this tool, one can process all data types and volumes.

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Bee Form Features

Instant Sections

You can create as many sections in your form.

20+ Field Controls

There are various field controls like, text, number, date and time etc

Highly Customizable

The form is highly customizable with the help of certain properties

Custom Rules and Flow

Custom rules and flows can be  added to this system to make the form little bit automated

Preview Option

The form has a preview option to view how the form looks at the time of development breaks

Field level Security

Certain fields can be set hidden or removed as per requirement. Highly secure and tactical

Export Form

There is an option to export the created form. This can used later for importing to any other environment.

Import Form

The import form option is to create a new form by importing the exported template easily

Bee Form Service Options

  • Compatible with SharePoint 2019
  • Compatible with SharePoint Online

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Alternative For
  • InfoPath
  • Powerapp forms
  • Nintex forms

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Migrate Your Existing Forms
  • Intranet bee will help you to migrate your forms to a brand new one
  • Create or import new forms with the help of bee forms app

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