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Without using the different tools for collaboration

Without using the different tools for SharePoint Content Management

Without an IT team

Just value based SharePoint apps, and the advanced tools you need to implement it.

Asset Management in SharePoint intranet

Digital asset management is becoming increasingly important for every business. This utility allows the user to search, find the SharePoint site documents and filter documents using metadata. Utilize various metadata to enhance your search for relevant files and information

Business Charts in SharePoint intranet

Choosing the right chart for your business reports can make all the difference when representing the data in a clear and concise manner. Making critical decisions in business without any proper insight into past data prohibits you from maximizing your business opportunities. Our business charts utilities help Office 365 SharePoint intranet users to interpret business data and base their business decisions on such interpretations. These utility – based charts will also help you understand the trend in your niche, with various suggestions on how to improve market intelligence

Help Desk

Intranetbee Powered office 365 Help Desk offers one place dashboard to manage all your IT support. Incident workflows can improve your business productivity explore the best way of managing internal and external requests with our Help Desk utility. Our Help desk utility allows you to attend to whatever inquiries that needs attention without wasting any much time.

Idea Box

This advanced utility allows users to submit idea and attach documents. You can make your digital workplace as interactive as you can. That is what our Idea box stands for. It allows for users to brainstorm deeply on corporate issues by sharing their ideas and knowledge on a subject. With this utility, you can expect turnaround for project completion to be greatly improved

Meeting Room Management

Meeting room management can help make meetings more productive and less frustrating. This utility is useful for managing the meetings in a company. Scheduling meetings through Intranet Bee Business app is significantly simpler than other apps. This utility allows you to organize your meetings in the easiest way. Participants are notified from the SharePoint intranet environment. Participating employees are equally informed of what the agenda of the meeting is going to be. Set up your meetings like breeze with our meeting management utility

Project Management in SharePoint intranet portal

This utility allows you to manage SharePoint Intranet Projects, tasks, prioritize t-dos and delegate tasks. Task conflict is a challenge that has become so common in the digital workplace. As part of our drive to ensuring a digital and extraordinary workplace, our task management utility helps you to get that task to that particular employee without wasting any time. Assign tasks and equally have the status of those tasks monitored along the execution chain

Leave Management in HR portal

Leave management utility manages all your employee leave information from one central location of SharePoint intranet portal. Without visibility of future workloads, it’s difficult for HR managers to approve leave requests. Managing leave for all employees can be a hard nut to crack if you intend to do it manually. You can ensure a more effective way of administering employee leave amongst employees. A better managed leave management system will always bring about enhanced performance on the part of the employees.


Globalize your digital work space by exploring our most efficient discussion tool. Have employees fully engaged by using our unique discussion utility to unravel innovative ways of handling things in the workplace. Have everyone in the loop by analyzing their various opinions on specific issues.

Employee Arrival

It is virtually impossible for you to have a company and not have new arrivals occasionally. Getting a newbie on board the activities in any company should not be taken for granted if such a company does not want to experience any sort of hitch in their operations. Our Employee Arrival utility allows you to manage the new comers in any department without any stress. Get them acquainted with what is expected of them in a digital fashion. This allows you to enhance your companies employee management experience, reduce paperwork and prevent redundancy; this can effectively reduce many costs as well

Contract Management

This utility helps you to manage every information about your vendors in the best way possible. Outline all the vendor related tasks that have been assigned to your company

Team Sites

Intranetbee powered office 365 SharePoint utility enables the user to create a team site in Office 365 or in SharePoint intranet portal without needing to go to site settings. This feature is not available in any Product. When a new group site is created, a corresponding office 365 group is automatically created

Department Sites

Intranetbee Powered Office 365 SharePoint intranet allows the user to create department sites without needing to go to Site settings – So any one can create a site without technical knowledge as well as provide varying access to members of a particular department without the help of any super IT staff

Custom Forms in SharePoint intranet portal

Intranetbee Powered Office 365 SharePoint forms are very powerful! Do not fret about creating forms on your intranet portal. Our custom form utility makes it possible for you to create custom forms in a friendly manner. Put up so many forms in the shortest possible time with this utility

Custom search with additional filters

The beauty of Intranetbee is it provides powerful custom search with additional filters for Office 365 SharePoint. having a faster and a more reliable search feature as part of your intranet capability is not such a bad idea after all. Try out our powerful search functionality that allows you to customize your search in a whole lot of ways

SharePoint Gantt Charts

Determine project success with our Gantt Chart utility. Map your project into stages and find out the project success rate with regards to the project’s stipulated timeline. This utility allows employees to adjust accordingly to their execution plans depending on the project goals in the SharePoint intranet

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