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Below are benefits of using Intranetbee as Company Intranet. While comparing the latest company intranet designs in SharePoint, Intranet Bee has become a trademark in the company intranet provider platform with its top 5 specialty features.

Benefits of using Intranet Bee as Your Company Intranet

These salient features attract customers because of our best performance, requirements, satisfaction, and value for money. Let us see each and every benefit in detail

1. Fastest loading Intranet on the Planet

Intranetbee has been the fastest loading SharePoint online intranet templates with a max loading time of just 2-4 seconds. Very advanced methodology and the expertise from professionals promise you faster loading of pages within a matter of few seconds. This is very unique and you cannot find it anywhere else.

The greatest challenge faced by customers is to overcome the slow loading of intranet pages in SharePoint Online. An intranet is used to speed up the internal processes of a company, but what happens if the intranet itself is slow? At this point, kick start your organization intranet with Intranet bee templates to experience hassle-free loading of pages.

The promising speed helps you feel lightweight while managing files and organizing tasks. Reprogram your environment with our intranet templates to increase productivity and improve your profit. People need to be aware of the best intranets providers available across the globe.

2. Enhanced admin dashboard

The Enhanced admin dashboard enables Intranet Bee customers to access and manage sites within the simple admin dashboard itself. The left navigation includes options like Site dashboard, Add site, Repositories, Navigation, Logo, Regional settings, Users, Analytics and Launch intranet. If these options are available in the admin dashboard it is a lot more simple to manage every setting.

The admin dashboard will be able to launch various pre-defined site templates and design elements to ease the look and feel of the user interface. Apart from these widely available options, the simpler look and feel of the admin page helps anybody to manage the pages with minimum knowledge in SharePoint.

Intranet Bee

3. User-friendly content management

Intranet Bee uses incredibly smooth content management with advanced widgets and compact design elements. Our interface is very appealing that it can maintain user interaction for hours with its simple structure and ease of access.

With a proactive new user interface, the Intranet bee promise that users can manage their content effectively. The users with certain permission can add content from their home page itself. In such a scenario widgets have options to add and edit contents.

4. Forty+ reusable widgets for a very affordable price

The vast array of widgets helps users to simplify tasks without wasting a huge amount of time. Intranet bee provides significant widgets like News, Events, Alerts, Ideabox, etc. which extends to forty plus widgets of great use and importance. Intranet bee is the only provider of such a power-packed package of widgets in this price range.

The available widgets perform various functions and have several unique properties. This large number of widgets ensures that all your needs will be completely met without leaving anything behind.

5. ‘My-Personal’ page for accessing personal data

Another major feature is a dedicated ‘My personal’ page for accessing your own personal data. This is very important that you can even access and manage your personal data safe and secure along with all other documents without messing up. Do you think this is cool? This is our distinctive attribute towards making things more advanced and simple.

The ‘My-personal’ section has dedicated widgets to manage your personal files. To cite an example, One drive widget shown below is an example of one such widget. There are several other widgets to save recent files and links. This section also helps to track documents shared with you, people you follow and your planner tasks.

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