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Implementing SharePoint intranet in the workplace has become very imperative for businesses to dominate their niche. if you are thinking of various ways of making the execution of office tasks look like breeze, then you have to start considering the use of an intranet product especially that of Microsoft’s.

A whole lot of activities are said to go on whenever tasks are being executed in the office. Employees are inclined to put in all sorts of contribution in order to get things done. Working together is what has made intranet a very essential component of any successful business framework.

Having brought intranet to the fore of meeting business requirements, this article would like to take one further leap, and that is to intimate you with how you can make your office a much friendly environment with SharePoint intranet.

Microsoft’s SharePoint with its collaborative features, has suddenly become a strong force to be reckoned with in the business field. Highlighted below are some of the distinguishing features that make SharePoint your best option when it comes to digitizing workplace activities.

Enhancing teamwork with collaboration

You can hardly take teamwork out of the picture when considering business success. As a matter of fact, projects are much easily completed when all hands are on deck. Collaboration is an excellent reason to implement SharePoint in your workplace.

This is an outstanding feature that allows different employees to work on the same project without having any unnecessary delay on the said project. It simply makes it easy for updated project documents to be sent to team members wherever they are. Research and statistics show that projects are completed at a much faster rate when they are collaborated upon by the different participants.

And the most fun thing about Microsoft SharePoint intranet collaborative feature is that it affords team members the opportunity of working on a project from wherever they are. Distance has never been a problem with Microsoft SharePoint intranet capabilities.

A seamless communication structure

Communication is an important piece of any business set up that cannot be overlooked if you want the best of your employees. You may probably be saying that there is no big deal with communicating around the workplace. Well, you are just about to find out how important it is, after you must have gone through this write up.

There are so many things that employees need to be informed on as it regards undertaking various activities in the workplace. Take for instance, Microsoft SharePoint with its intranet capabilities makes it absolutely easy for you to have your employees informed about assigned tasks. That way, there would not be any lag in information dissemination. Communicating with SharePoint intranet, simply means that employees can have each other engaged with secured messages flying back and forth within the office premises. You can actually have a lot achieved when employees have access to communication platforms as such.


This is one feature you never know how exciting it is until you actually get to explore it. Integration is all about granting you passage or access to other applications without you actually having to log out of your Microsoft platform.

Exciting does not fully describe the feeling that comes with implementing the integration feature of Microsoft SharePoint. There are a whole lot of apps that can integrate with Microsoft’s SharePoint. These are a couple of apps that can integrate nicely and effortlessly with SharePoint – Skype for business, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google drive,… etc.

The important thing worthy of note here is that you can get a lot more things done when you do not have to switch between apps. And this is exactly what you get with the integration feature of Microsoft SharePoint.


It does not really matter how hard the people in your sales department work, they cannot make as much impact if they do not make proper sense of their sales and how customers react to those sales. Different companies are using various reporting tools to analyze their business opportunities. Some even go out of their way to hire data analyst who can manage those apps effectively for them.

You can put these worries behind you when you are making use of Microsoft SharePoint reporting features. Hence, there would not be any need for you to go in search of professionals just because you want to analyze business data.

The reporting features are very easy to use. The only thing you might need to bug your head about are the configurations needed to make the reporting feature fully come alive. Representing data graphically has become an inevitable part of any business, and that is the more reason why you need a product like office 365 intranet to give your business that edge over the others in terms of decision making.

Leave management

A modern workplace is one that knows exactly how to manage everything about employees without any hassles. One of which is leave management. So many organizations are beginning to adopt various automated means of handling employee leave.

Good enough, this is a feature that comes with Microsoft SharePoint. It is just one way of making your work flow a bit more organized and a lot more coordinated. There is a whole lot for you to benefit from in terms of enhancing employee productivity with an advanced leave management system like that of Microsoft SharePoint.

In conclusion, there are now smarter ways of coordinating employees and getting work done. Implementing these features in your digital workplace has a way of impacting work culture which will in turn translate to enhanced productivity. Hence, if you aren’t a SharePoint fan, then now is the right time to indulge in its usage so you can change the operations around your workplace.

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