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There is a great benefit of  having your intranet integrated with  Microsoft Teams. Now, Microsoft Teams have become a platform for innovation, collaboration, and communication. Microsoft has announced that the  ‘Teams’ are taking a new approach to innovation. Naturally,  your intranet should be integrated into Teams.

The change in working pattern becomes the new normal adaptation to hybrid workplace. It makes sense for employees to have access to digital workplaces. Communication and collaboration channels along with organizational information and software integrations help employees to do everything they need to do in a single space.

You should understand that the future of the digital workplace should integrate both intranet and Microsoft Teams. By doing so, employees can be more productive, more engaged, and more connected to work.

This article discusses in detail why intranet and Microsoft Teams are best when they’re used together.

1.   Everything in One Place

Teams and intranet in one place are much easier for people to find what they actually need. For example information, content, and people in one place.

Integrating an intranet into Microsoft Teams, makes the acquiring of information they need to reach  them instead  of searching for it.

Using this single hub, users are able to view  their data from close platforms like Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive. Also, it can detail any application coming for users from Power Apps.

Thus, by combining the two platforms the end-users will be more productive and efficient.

2.   Build Own Small Digital Workplaces

This integration encourages  employees to build their own small digital workplace  where they can manage their files and features which will make them more efficient.

It will keep track of a project over the finishing line. Everyone can easily manage their own personal ecosystems, notes, and to-dos list.

Yet, by combining both the power of the intranet within Microsoft Teams, users can build their interaction with communities, connect with people to find solutions for projects to communicate and collaborate effectively.

This helps to drive innovation and efficiency to users, information, and conversations into a single collaborative space.

3.   Personalized Communication within The Digital Workspace

Moving out this smart way will enable ease of corporate and personalized communications between people within the digital workplace where the daily work is happening.

Combining intranets and Microsoft Teams will enable users to add their news or feeds they have access to. This is relevant information sharing among the team acts as a knowledge base.

Information is thus grouped in one place, presented in the digital workplace every day.

4.   Real-Time Content and Communication Platform

Employees of an organization will be able to access real-time content and communication in a single platform.

Internal communication can promote any news or page to a tab within Microsoft Teams. Users are alerted whenever there’s an important company update in real-time.

Besides, colleagues can now access and edit the same files in real-time by making it a more collaborative environment than never before.

With the Microsoft Teams’ mobile app you can have access to real-time information, anywhere, and anytime. It can do almost everything like your computer, what matters is only the screen size.

5.   Safe and Secure

The information that you post inside or share outside and the data that you have on your intranet within Microsoft Teams is safe and secure by all means.

Integrating your intranet into Microsoft Teams means your content benefits from the security of being part of the Microsoft secure ecosystem.

The storage of content benefits from Microsoft’s security features and updates. Thus, it is the safest.

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