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Benefits of using SharePoint

The benefits of SharePoint Intranet are so numerous that any company that wants true success can hardly ignore them.  When it is time to implement an intranet set-up for an organization, we are often faced with the challenge of choosing the right intranet solution.

Questions like ‘what intranet will be most suitable for my organization? How do I get a  cost-effective intranet solution? Is it necessary for one to use SharePoint? Is SharePoint good enough to handle all of my business challenges? These are all likely questions that may arise at the point of your trying to settle for an intranet solution.

This doubt is raised due to the lack of knowledge about the Benefits of  SharePoint Intranet. Well, the answer is simple – whatever the size of your business, Office 365 SharePoint intranet is just what you need to sort out all your business requirements. Detailed below are some of the reasons why SharePoint will always be a better intranet solution when compared to others.

Amazing support from Microsoft for SharePoint Intranet

Microsoft has a remarkable 24-hour service that is run on a daily basis to keep their customers functioning at optimal capacity. Getting 24-hours support is one of the main Benefits of  SharePoint Intranet. This is done to ensure that all Microsoft technologies are not only up and running, but they are also equal to the task of providing solutions to various business challenges.

Expecting one or two challenges to crop up with most intranet systems is not entirely out of place, and that is the essence of having such a support team in place every minute of the day.

So if you are running office 365 SharePoint intranet you need not bother about all technical and non-technical issues that might come up during the use of such technology because Microsoft has vowed to provide whatever kind of support their customers may be needing until they are fully fit to operate on their own.

Naturally the next burden on your mind would be, how easy can someone get across to the said Microsoft team? This is a straight-forward question, and there is equally a straight-forward answer to it.

Support From Microsoft Team 

Every time you buy a software built by Microsoft there is a unique license that comes with it, you can contact the Microsoft support team with the contact information contained in that particular license. Or you can equally visit Microsoft volume licensing center and specify your region and you can find the contact information you are looking for. It gets even better when you are online since there will be a provision for you to create a support ticket, which will allow you place an instant call to the support team, and voila! Problem solved!As for Microsoft, time is of great essence, hence, the instant you are able to contact their support team, and they will try to see how they can attend to your issues by assigning the best professionals for that particular challenge.

Integrating with SharePoint intranet

SharePoint intranet solutions were never designed to function as a stand-alone platform. Using it independently of other apps would be limiting its benefits. It has been developed to serve the purpose of an enterprise solution. The office 365 intranet portal has a powerful feature of integrating seamlessly with other Microsoft products, and this feature is what makes it interesting to use.

You do not need to be in your SharePoint environment and still open other apps because you want to get some work done. There is so much for you to work with in SharePoint. Some of the apps you can find in SharePoint are: Microsoft office suite, Power bi report, Smart sheets, and Yammer etc. Just to make sure that the solution to your business needs are not limited in any way, Microsoft has also made it possible that you can integrate third party tools with SharePoint as well. Hence, tools like Micro strategy and Nintex are used to develop SharePoint-based solutions that integrate effortlessly with SharePoint.

SharePoint is Fully customizable to your taste

Businesses are not restricted in the use of SharePoint because it can be fully customizable to solve specific business needs. With SharePoint On-Premise, you can easily improve the SharePoint graphical user interface by deploying ASP solutions on it. There are also various out-of-the-box tools that can help you in making SharePoint a lot better than the normal environment. You can also find intranet solutions that you can tailor to suit your business needs.

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Advanced features of SharePoint intranet


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Before you start considering any other intranet solution for your use, you should take a critical look at some of the advanced features that provides SharePoint users with great experience. Here are some of those features:

  • Accessing your SharePoint through your local computer’s windows explorer.
  • Data export in an excel format
  • Prevention of data loss
  • Ability to recover deleted data
  • Granting external users access with their Microsoft account
  • Providing complaints and security section
  • Creating workflows with Microsoft flows and SharePoint designer.
  • Alerts to notify users of new data arrival
  • Targeting a particular audience
  • Check in, check out and publish
  • Providing offline availability

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Data security in SharePoint Intranet

Data security cannot be overemphasized as far as business is concerned. SharePoint makes the security of your business data one less thing for you to worry about. Your IT administrator has the ability to define the security of your data in SharePoint. With SharePoint intranet portal features, you can define site, document, folder, and library permissions. This way, only authorized users can have access to certain resource. And the most beautiful part is that these security configurations don’t take much time. They can be done in seconds; all that is needed is the permission of the IT administrator.

Power apps and Power BI

If there is one product business users ought to appreciate, it is Power BI. Power BI helps us to analyze data much objectively with the help of charts and graphs. And data analysis has a way of influencing decision-making processes. So, with a tool as Power BI, you will be on the safe side of making certain critical business decisions. Power apps makes it possible for you to create very attractive forms that are usable as mobile apps. These are Microsoft products that have been designed to make business life easier for anyone.

Document management and workflows in SharePoint 

Document management in SharePoint is simply breath-taking. SharePoint is miles ahead of other intranet providers in the area of document management. With the document libraries in SharePoint, you are bound to carry out activities like document edit, document retention, and moving documents to other libraries etc. without having to do anything special.

Office 365 SharePoint intranet Sharing ideas

Office 365 SharePoint intranet has fantastic features that allows employees to share their ideas on a particular subject. With apps like news feeds, yammer, discussion boards and my sites various people can bring their ideas together and solve a particular problem in any working environment. These platforms are not only restricted to sharing ideas, as employees can also share relevant data required for task execution within the shortest possible time. With some more coding and settings, a lot of customization can be carried out on these platforms to make them work better. This is one of the significant Benefits of  SharePoint Intranet. It will helps to maintain communication between the employees.

Business process automation tools SharePoint App

The SharePoint store app is a storehouse for a lot of business automation tools that are either free or paid. The only criteria for having access to these tools is for you to login. There are so many SharePoint intranet users who are taking out time to develop free business automation tools for other SharePoint users.

External sharing using SharePoint Intranet

One of the significant Benefits of using SharePoint is, Allowing content to be shared within a corporate organization is very normal with any intranet solution. However, what has beaten the imagination of most people is how data can be securely shared with someone who is outside an office space. The answer to the just asked question lies in your using SharePoint online. With office 365 intranet site, sharing data externally is as easy as it can ever get. But if you are making use of the On-Premise version, you may need some advanced configuration to extend your SharePoint to an external user.

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