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Storing contents in SharePoint is easier but how easy is the process of retrieving the right content? This is a question which needs to be answered. SharePoint avails you with multiple search options to help you find the right content.

Metadata Navigation and filtering feature that are available in SharePoint 2013 and 2016 are Highly efficient ways of filtering your list and library content. See the details below to understand how this can be implemented.

For configuring this feature, all you need is just activating the “Metadata Navigation and Filtering” feature in SharePoint.

  1. Steps to Activate this feature

Site Actions-> Site Settings – >Manage Site Features – > Search for Metadata Navigation and Filtering feature – > Click Activate

2. Activating this feature helps to prepare your filter plan

This is no big deal. Rather, it is all about the parameters that define your filtering. For example i need to filter the document library using the following parameters

  • Filter the library using the created user
  • Filter the library of list using the modified date.
  • Filtering the document library using content types
  • Filtering the document library using the custom category column in the list etc.

3. Setup the list or library to support Metadata navigation and filter.

Go to the list – > List or Library settings – >  Under general settings click on Metadata Navigation settings

4. Select the hierarchy columns and select the key filter column based on your needs. Click OK

These settings are necessary, as you get to select the type of parameter needed for your content filtering in the process.

5. Now go to the list and you can see the filter at the left hand side.

This is an easy way to filter SharePoint list or library contents.

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