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First, create a new communication site.

Here the site is named as infinite

Steps  to configure the Admin Center:

  • Create a page admin and add the Admin widget to it.
  • To configure the Admin center, we need to create a few document libraries.
  • Create a document library called Site Assets. Inside “Site Assets” create another folder called Templates to store the XML file templates of the site.
  • Now come back to site contents and create another document library called ‘Site Theme’ inside that create another one called ‘Skin’ and inside that add another one called ‘CSS’. The files of themes are stored in CSS.
  • Finally, create a list called ‘Site Template’ to set the path of template file URL and template images.
  • Now upload the original templates files and themes to the above-mentioned folders without making any changes.

After uploading all the files, select the admin tab and edit the admin widget. Now add the “Page Relative URL” and republish the page.

Refresh the admin page and select the “Add site”. The uploaded page templates will be now visible. These templates are further used to create a subsite in the site collection.

Creating new subsites from Admin Centre using uploaded templates:

  • Click on the add site button to view the available templates. Select the tick mark and it will prompt a popup to add the name and URL for the new site.
  • Click on create site and it will automatically create a new site with the properties of that particular template.
  • Now publish the newly created subsite.
  • All such sites created can be listed under the subsites tab.
  • Now all the sites can be managed under the Admin Centre.

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