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Creating the SharePoint site designs in Office 365 within huge sites, responsibility and structure are the key ingredients. Now the opportunity is quite simple to create your custom preferences for modern SharePoint sites. The ability to create and use custom site designs has turned more people to target Office 365 SharePoint.

It is proven that the SharePoint team sites and communication sites have become very well established according to commercial needs. Structure, look and feel are in favor of custom site themes and custom site designs. A wide range of default and custom themes developed by various people help these specific designs stand out at the time when they create new sites.

The advantage is these custom designs and site themes applied to both team sites and communication sites can establish a preference for customers.

Previously released custom site scripts and site designs can be uploaded as templates. Site designs help us to adjust a logical set of actions such as creating lists and columns, setting themes or even sending an email.

The custom site designs are stored in a central gallery and can be applied to both team sites and communication sites. The user who is creating the site could see all the available site designs as a choice from their SharePoint home in Office 365 after selecting the site type.

The SharePoint site creation framework helps to apply additional site configurations by ensuring the sites are configured properly and effortlessly. To manage the framework files, it is important to have knowledge in REST and PowerShell APIs.  Also, SharePoint development Patterns and Practices (PnP)  for more complex scenarios

Site designs are more likely scripts that you run to control the process automatically. When a site design is run it changes the site configuration. The initial setting of site designs and site scripts is a bit complicated but after everything is set up they can be accessed from many places. It is also possible to apply site designs to existing sites.

Site scripts are non-destructive when they run they ensure that the site matches the configuration prescribed in the script
Available actions include:

  • Creating a new list
  • Applying a theme
  • Setting a site logo
  • Adding navigation
  • Triggering a Microsoft flow

The professional look and feel of the site is very important. SharePoint owners have the option to customize color mixes across the site collection by managing themes. Additionally, custom themes can be created and uploaded to a customer’s theme gallery and made available through the panel within each site.

The SharePoint site theme offers the latest SharePoint themes and it can be customized by colors or styles on any site. Themes are defined in a JSON that stores color settings and related metadata.

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