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Usually, all clients request to remove some default features and links from SharePoint.
Functions like the recycle bin or the follow site button. Most of These options are only removable with the help of custom code/CSS. This article explains the uses of these default features and lets you know why you should not even think about removing them.

Recycle Bin

If you remove the Recycle Bin link from the left-hand side navigation of a Team Site, users won’t be able to restore the files which are deleted. For communication sites you can access the Recycle Bin via Settings icon > Site Contents.

Follow Button

Another most important icon the users remove is the Follow button to save a site. The benefit of this icon is to save sites you frequently use. If you hide this option you won’t be able to save sites and access it from the SharePoint Start Page.

Mobile App

The SharePoint sites, users usually get a pop-up reminding them to download a SharePoint Mobile Application. Even after you download the mobile app, the pop-up will appear and this is annoying. People need this to be removed with the help of code change. When this is hidden you won’t be able to download the app again.

SharePoint Start Page

SharePoint Start Page is one of the most important pages. Sometimes the components on this page are hidden with the help of codes and CSS. This Start page is really helpful to access the news, frequent sites, suggested sites, following sites, and recently accessed sites.

Depends on Engineer

To hide the majority of these features custom CSS code is required. When you create custom codes in your organization and then if you leave the organization then the normal employees there won’t be able to easily revert the change you made.

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