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Intranet and digital tools for the workplace are almost a decade old and there are many ways you can use the tools to empower your workforce.

Here, this article suggests four ways that modern, intelligent intranet and digital workplace tools can empower your remote workers to ensure static business continuity and communication in organization and management.

1.   Collaboration & Discussion

Collaboration is the central aspect of every modern digital workplace. Especially one that includes remote workers and teams on similar projects.

People want the best tools and means to make the most team collaboration no matter where the employees belong. Whether it’s to find the right person to answer a question or sharing news and gossip, there are lots of tools for it.

While distancing yourself from your colleagues, it has never been more important to be able to locate and engage your colleagues. The Intranet’s most popular feature is People Directory and collaboration. This allows you to find colleagues based on their skills, location, or business expertise.

2.   Step Up Communication

A modern, intelligent intranet, includes all the tools you need for publishing top-down content. One main interactive thing is the publishing of news quickly and effortlessly.

The internet’s main advantage is it drafts the news in an attractive and engaging way. It also allows interaction being a social intranet feature.

In fact, the site template of the intranet bee, which has built box features for the homepage inside the intranet hub  includes pre-built web parts such as alert, news, employee directory, events, survey, slider, Yammer embeds, and social media feeds to get started.

If that’s not enough, we have custom integrations on our website too. Alerts and News enable you to quickly publish an important news item and ensure the message is spread efficiently across the organization.

Another effective feature is videos. Using a video widget on your intranet lets you reach more users and is an inspirational way to teach or display any important seminars or tutorials.

3.   Advertisements for Events

As events go fully virtual, people today are more organized and timelier. So, you need a place to display the upcoming events, targeting this information to users. Based on their profile information to reach the right person at the right time and this needs an event manager.

Our intranet’s event calendar, with a lot of custom features, has been designed to make sure your people won’t miss on  any important training or presentations. Our clients often appreciate the effort we have put to make it outstanding.

It’s a complete solution that allows organizers to work behind the scenes planning the event, archiving event content.

4.   Use a Mobile App

This pandemic situation has made many employees working remotely from various locations. Sometimes employees may not have full computer access. The digital workplace SharePoint mobile App gives your team instant access to communication and collaboration. These solutions are now very much needed to get the work done from wherever they are, on any mobile device.

This means that the mobile application and communication feature is very much helpful to everyone inside your organization. This has an equal opportunity to read the news and follow up on what is going on inside your organization.

A great intranet can empower your remote workforce with collaboration software and policies in place to enable teams to be efficient and more company-focused, whether they are at office or at home.

The beauty of the Intranet Bee is that it’s a ready-made intranet-in-a-box solution, built on top of SharePoint and Office 365. It already has 95 percent of what you will need and has won many appreciations from its customers in the industry. This means you can subscribe Intranet Bee to it without thinking twice.

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