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Filter SharePoint list data is not quite easy as you think. Different businesses require different filter parameters to get things done appropriately. It is a waste of system resources trying to display all data at every given point in time. The smarter way to do things will be to have specific data displayed based on what is needed at that point in time. It is more productive if our data is defined by parameters like

  • Displaying data which is tied to a unique user
  • Displaying data based on unique dates
  • Display data base on unique texts
  • Displaying data of user in current session

Data preference based on various search criteria is absolutely important if you want to make the best of your intranet solution.

  • In SharePoint there are filter query WebPart that aid precise data filter based on whatever is entered into the search area.
  • Select Text filter WebPart and enter the desired text to enable the data filter
  • Select Current user filter if you want information about a logged in user
  • Select Date filter if you want search results to be returned by a particular date
  • SharePoint list filter helps to further filter the data within a particular list

Configuring these filters in sharepoint list data

    • Include list and filter on the same page
    • Edit page
    • There is a small downward arrow by the query filter string you added, click on it and select edit webpart
    • Enter the following: “Query filter string name”, “Query string parameter name” and If necessary, enter a default value
    • Click on ok
    • Toward the right side of the added list there is small downward arrow, click on it. Hover your mouse on the connections menu, and hover it again over ‘get filter value from’, and click ‘query string filter’. A pop-up will be openedq
  • Ensure that those pop-ups are not obstructing anything on your browser.
  • The 6th step talked of above will open up a pop-up : Contained in the pop-up is a drop down is the consumer field name, select one and also select a field name to which the filter would compare the value tosrc=”” alt=”SharePoint Query String Connection Settings” width=”579″ height=”269″ />
  • Click on ‘finish’

This will link the query string filter you have chosen with SharePoint list. Put the query string in order for you to be able to browse the page. Here is a sample format of the query string.


if you desire a wildcard filter, just add ‘*‘ to your search value, like this


If you have any questions on filtering SharePoint list Data, please add your comments below. We will try to help you out!

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