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The recently modified documents are often displayed on a SharePoint site homepage.

You can identify the updates and activities on a site by checking these modified documents.

Those who are visiting the site for the first time will get an update about the previous changes by the users on modified documents.

Here are a few ways to display recently modified documents on a SharePoint site. This article will share those tricks with you.

Site Activity Web Part

The Site Activity Web Part is an amazing feature to track the activities on the pages and sites.

By default, it is on all SharePoint sites provisioned as part of Office 365 Groups.

However  it shows everything going on with the site, it does not track the changes on documents. Sometimes, it might be a little confusing while you track the activities.

Highlighted Content Web Part

The next option is to use the Highlighted Content Web Part. This web part will show you all the modified document per document library in a well readable format.

You need to specify exactly what it is that you want to display up. It can roll up all sorts of content from many sources.

Recent Documents Web Part

Another web part you can use to display recent items is Recent Documents. Recent documents will show a list of items that are recently updated.

It will not display modified or accessed documents from a single document library or site.

But will display the most recent ones from all the SharePoint sites and OneDrive accounts for the user who is currently using it.

This web part will also show you the  recent activity for the user logged in on any SharePoint Site and OneDrive.

Information Panel

For document libraries, if you do not have any web parts added to a page, you can check the activity by clicking on the “i” panel in that document library.

After clicking, you will see a log of recent activities to the right side of the page in a separate panel of that document library.

Site Activity Usage Report

Another way to check what update is on your site is by checking out its Site Usage Report.

To access the site usage report:

Click on the Gear Icon > go to Site Usage

Here you will see some brief statistics like site usage analytics, traffic, unique viewers, site visits and usage insights.

This will give you a high-level overview of the overall site activities.

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