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When building sites and pages for Intranet portals, it is obvious that you might need to add external links to important internal documents, websites, or folders.
In modern intranet pages, quick links web part can promote a certain link.
This article shares a few ways to create links in SharePoint using modern pages and widgets.

Three main ways to promote links in SharePoint Modern Pages are:

1. Quick Links Web Part
2. Hero Web Part
3. Link Web Part

Quick Links Web Part

You can add links to the quick links web part on a modern page.

First, add the web part on the page and click on the “+” add button to add the links of your choice.

Add the external link by choosing the different options available or select the folder you want to link to the position.

You can alter the link, title, and thumbnail if needed. Click on the close button at the top to exit this setting.

Now the link has been added to the widget successfully. You can now publish the page to save the changes.

Hero Web Part

A Hero web part integrated into the modern SharePoint page, can add tile background images and links for the tiles. Let’s look at how you can add them easily.

In communication sites, the Hero web part is a default feature. For other modern pages, we have to add them manually. Hero web part also has a variety of layout customizations.

Hero web part has the option to add both external and internal links to websites, folders, etc.

The customization of this web part is simple. You can alter the images in the background image section. The options section has an additional feature called “call to action link” which is a cool feature.

Link Web Part

This is a small and very useful web part to add links on modern pages.

It is very compact and easy to use. Quick links, Hero web part has the option to add multiple links but, in this web part, you can create only a single link.

Here, I have added a Microsoft link to the widget.

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