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In this article, let’s create canvas apps in power apps using Excel data in table format. Let’s create a simple excel table, create a canvas app by connecting data in excel to the canvas app. At the end, we will be able to work on the app created using excel data like adding new elements, sorting an element in the list as well as searching an element from this list.
For the better understanding of how to build the canvas app using excel, let’s create a simple demo and explore each step with some screen shots.
Create a simple table in excel as given in the below screenshot. It’s mandatory to use tables in the form of rows and columns instead of usual cells with borders. Navigate to the design tab and name the columns in the table based on the requirement. Here, in this demo simple Table contains name of user with location and details column contains resident types.

In order to use the excel as a data source in power apps, excel must be in a cloud storage account such as OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive. In this demo, OneDrive is used as a cloud storage account.
Upload the Excel into the Office 365 OneDrive as given below in the screenshot.

It will ask you to upload the file from your machine, choose the Excel file which contains table with which you want to create an application.

Once the Excel file is uploaded to the OneDrive, switch to power apps portal. Choose the template as a canvas app and choose OneDrive for business from the list of connection and Click connect.

It will list all the available files in the OneDrive, choose Excel that contains data in table format. Once it is done choose the table and click connect as given below in the screenshot.

Once it is done the application page loaded as given below in the screenshot.

Once the app is loaded, you will be able to view the editor page of the mobile application with the data inserted from the excel file which is given in the below screenshot. Now you can customize your app.

Once after customizing your application based on the requirements. Now you will be able to run the application by clicking the run button or press F5. The fully loaded application looks as below in the screenshot.

You will be able to perform operations such as searching, sorting and adding a new user to the application via app as given below in the screenshot.
Searching of the user based on location,

Adding or Inserting a new user to an application,

This article provides the basic understanding of incorporating data via excel in Power Apps. We will be able to customize the same application like updating the colour, screen layout view and so on by using the edit option available under the app section. It’s easier to create a ToDo application or Activity tracker application where you need to track your regular activities via an app.

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