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Now let’s say that you have created a Communication site or a Team Site and gave a name to it,you hit the Create button and started working .Later you find that the name in the  URL is incorrect.

Let’s assume that your project name has been changed by your team lead . Your  concern now  is you have ended up with an incorrect or an old URL.

Well, No worries , you have the option to change the URL of a SharePoint site.Isn’t this an amazing feature ? It is very easy too and this article will let you know how it works.

Creating a New Team Site or a Communication Site

When you create your Team site , the sharepoint checks for the availability of the URL automatically and gives you an available share point site . See that you  create a name without spaces as a default one.

In the case of a communication site, if your desired URL is not available you can add a letter or number to make it unique.

While creating  the Microsoft O365 team site, it gives an error message prompting you to select an alternate name for the site. Once you hit the Create button, the SharePoint site is created with the respective URL.

Change The URL

Just in case if you need to change the URL of a SharePoint site, you have to go to navigate to the SharePoint Admin Center.

  1. Office 365 App Launcher > Admin
  2. From the left navigation under Admin Centers, choose SharePoint
  3. Click the Active Sites tab under Sites to show the list of all active sites in your tenant
  4. Select the URL of whose site needs to be changed by clicking on the tick mark. The blue tick mark say what site is selected and then click on the “i” icon at the top right corner
  5. Under the General tab, click the edit option next to the URL
  6. Type in the new URL and make sure the address is available, then click on the Save button
  7. Then it will show you an option to confirm the change.
  8. After some time, you will see that the site URL has changed to the new one.

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