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When coming to deploying an intranet the amount of time and implementation matters for all organizations. Working on the development of an intranet project is not an easy task.

Earlier it took more than a year to tool one, but now we can do it in a month with our latest possible solutions. Technology has changed.

Most organizations are in the cloud. With technology advancing and new features introduced so people have new needs. This article shares the best top three ideas to build your Intranet really fast.

1.  Start from Templates and not from scratch

Every organization needs a unique intranet, yet every intranet is almost 70 percent the same. Every intranet aims to share some news. To update employees about events. Have navigation to showcase users, people directory.

Every large organization’s intranet will have some quick charts on its homepage. It also features the weather and calendar. Most of them will have work anniversaries and birthdays.

The advanced one will be having a lunch menu too. So, the question is why would you choose to customize to make all these?

The pre-built template solutions that can give you 70 percent of the features you are looking for are out of the box.

You can now configure and customize the remaining 20 percent. That final 20 percent is where you will add the most value to your intranet as a digital workplace tool.

The best advice is, instead of building a 100 percent fresh intranet solution, get a template, and focus on the 20 percent of the custom made features that are special for you.

2.  Agile Approach

An intranet is a journey, not a destination. Let your intranet be divided into different phases. Approach different phases based on the advancement of technology and updates. You do not have to have 100 percent of the features ready in phase one.

Use phase one for quick delivery. Use your branding and approach the next phase based on expansion. Also, make sure you can have all your quick features delivered.

The best idea is to find the biggest issues and solve them in the first phase. Then use the next stages to actually evolve your intranet to a creative one.

A phased approach is where you have a rapid deployment and then work on innovating on top of it on other phases.

3. Find Intranet Champions

The last and final tip is to find people who are technologically strong and want to build a better workplace, to be your intranet champions.

Find colleagues who not only want to make the company better but often have a bunch of creative ideas on how you can leverage your technology. This will help everyone to achieve a better work life experience.

Innovative people will be the greatest idea generators you will have. Cast your net wider and to the younger generation who are digital nerds for expanding ideas.

Find the champions who are motivated by technology and the desire to make your organization better. Look at department managers for information architecture to governance and branding.

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