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Why do we need to embed Power BI reports to SharePoint online?

A Business team needs to display a deliverable count or any client requirement to the development team in graphical format, so it will be easy to understand. In this case creating a graph in excel or putting a list in SharePoint and sharing it with teams is quite time consuming. There comes the need and Microsoft launched a special feature to embed your Power BI charts into SharePoint sites.
In this article we’ll discuss how to publish Power BI reports to SharePoint online. Now Power BI users are allowed to easily embed the Power Bi reports to SharePoint Online. By using embed in SharePoint option, users are allowed to create secure internal ports through row-level-security (RLS).
Let’s look at step by step implementation for the same with detailed screenshots.
Step 1:
Login to the Power BI portal, once logged in search for existing reports or create new. In this article, an existing report is shown as a demo describes the marks of the student as given below in the screenshot.

Step 2:
Login to the SharePoint, create a new page as given below in the screenshot.

Once the page is created, first edit the name of the page as per the requirement. Second, you will find the add on symbol which is highlighted as given below in the screenshot.

One you click the add on (Web Part) symbol it will open up the pop-up box.
Search for Power BI in the search field and double click on it.

Step 3:
It will show the page as given below in the screenshot, where you will find the add report button. Once you click the Add report button, it will open up the properties pane which contains the Input field of Power BI report links, page name and display.

Step 4:
Navigate back to the Power BI portal. Go to File Choose Embed in SharePoint Online from the drop-down list as given below in the screenshot.

Step 5:
It will open up an embed link for the SharePoint as given below in the screenshots. Copy the link from the text field.

Step 6:
Now again go to the SharePoint page as in Step 3, paste the copied link from the Power BI in the field of Power BI report link. If you have multiple pages in the Power BI report, choose the exact page from the dropdown.
In the demo, we have single page “page 1”as default. Name can be given as per the requirements.

Step 7:
Power BI reports are loaded to the SharePoint page as given below in the screenshot. The same report in the Power BI is now embedded into the SharePoint.

Here you can restrict the access using the Manage Access option in Power BI so only the authorized persons will be able to view the report.

Power BI portal which includes the option to “Embed in SharePoint online” are available in pro version of Power BI only. In order to use the functionality, upgrade Power BI portal to Pro or use a 60 days trial available to learn more functionality.

If the reports are not loaded in the SharePoint Page within the Power BI web part it’s mainly because of three issues.
You don’t have access to report on both Power BI and SharePoint Page.
You don’t have Power BI Pro license to view the report
Reports may be deleted in Power BI portal.

Hope this article provides the insights of working with Power BI and SharePoint online and how you can embed the same report from Power BI into SharePoint online site web parts.

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