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SharePoint Mobile Application Installation Hack

This article helps you to understand how to install the SharePoint Mobile application on your android mobile phone. Launch the Google Play store from your mobile and perform a search for the Microsoft SharePoint application on the search bar.

The SharePoint application will be displayed on the screen with a light blue icon as shown in the image.

SharePoint mobile application

Click on the green install button to download and install the Microsoft SharePoint application to your mobile.

Once the application is installed on the mobile, open the SharePoint application. It will ask for an email address of your work or SharePoint. Enter the SharePoint email address and click on the arrow mark to navigate to SharePoint.


You may also use the SharePoint server URL in the middle of the page to access the Sharepoint portal. Now the Microsoft SharePoint mobile version is successfully installed and ready to use. The mobile version is very compact, handy and things are a lot simpler to use than on a Personal Computer.

The Salient Features of SharePoint Mobile App

The SharePoint android application has three main sections of operation, News, Find and Me.

News in the SharePoint App

News is the area where all the updated data from whole team members appear. A news filter is also available on this page to filter all news, news from particular sites and news earlier saved for future use.

Find in the SharePoint App

Find is the section for managing your search preferences.

Type on the search bar to search whatever you want to find on SharePoint. You can search for any sites, people, recent files and featured links. Frequently accessed sites will be already listed at the top of the page. People of your organization are listed towards the bottom and it also lets you search for people inside your organization.

Personal Profile in the SharePoint App

The last sector is the “Me” icon which consists of the personal profile, a section to manage your recently accessed files and saved items. News pages and files can be saved for later use in the saved items section.

At the top of this page below the name and email a “My Profile” link is added. This is a section for you to manage your name, designation, contact information, recent files, and your recently posted emails are listed.

Scrolling down this section lead you to more option like the notification settings, feedback section, application version, and application user terms and policies.

Now you know how to install a SharePoint Mobile application from Google Playstore. Try to install the SharePoint mobile application on your mobile phone and check whether it suits you or not.

Tell us about your SharePoint mobile application experience in the comments section. If you enjoyed this blog post, share it with your friends and let them learn how to install SharePoint Mobile!

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