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The developments in SharePoint and the introduction of modern SharePoint pages has done a major contribution to simplifying the editing process in SharePoint.

The small widget like webparts and texts in pages are quite simple as even a small child can manage it with ease.

However, when things are really simple it can somehow become messed up. Widgets or texts can actually get deleted easily by small mistake and you might not even notice that change.

This article will help you concentrate on edits and how to recover if anything is accidentally lost by mistake.

Restore the texts/webparts before publishing

If you accidentally deleted a webpart or changed the layout while editing the page, you can easily go back to the previous state by clicking the undo button at the top beside the save button. Clicking the undo button will revert the accidentally made changes to the previous state.

Undo option sharepoint pages
This should be done before publishing the page.

Steps To Restore And Undo The Changes On SharePoint Pages

Step 1: Click on the gear icon to go to site contents.

Site contents sharepoint page

Step 2: Then go to Site Pages library. Site Pages library is a library that stores all the pages on that site collection.

Site pages libarary

Step 3: Find the page you recently published from the site page library and click on the ellipse button to check for version history.

version history sharepoint pages

Step 4: Here in the version history you will be able to see all the published versions of that page. Find the version you want to restore and click restore it. You can also delete versions from here.

Delete version history

Step 5: Now restore the version by clicking the popup OK button.

restore the page

Step 6: Doing up to this stage will only restore the page. Go back to the edit state and republish the page to reflect the restore permanently. After publishing the major version of the restored page will be live.

republish the edited page

Step 7: New version 6.0 is the restored version 1.0

New version

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