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This article will help you to automate a message card using MS flow to a Group channel when a new item is added to a list.

Step 1: Select the preferred list to get the notification. Let it be our news list.

Step2: Now go to flow and create a flow to get a Message to the Team group channel. The name of the flow is “Message to Teams Group”.

Step 3: Go to the SharePoint item select the site URL and find the list name from the dropdown. Add the Teams message card and add Team, Channel, Message, and Headline. Then save the flow.

Step 4: Now go ahead and add an item to the list where we created the automation using MS Flow.

Clicking the save item to the list will trigger the flow in power automate.

Step 5: Finally, the flow will trigger and a message card with Headline and message will be posted to the selected Teams channel using MS Flow.

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