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Intranet Bee has a very refined, very well featured and structurally compact SharePoint hr portal capable of managing all the tasks from a single page with simple access methodologies. The SharePoint HR portal page design is very compact so that anybody can handle all modules of the page with ease.

SharePoint HR Intranet Portal for an Employee Management System

The ease of access as well as the pace of loading pages is one such attractive key feature of this hr portal on SharePoint. The importance of all the modules of the Intranet Bee SharePoint hr portal template is depicted in this article.

SharePoint HR Portal consists of 9 subsystems:

  • Dashboard
  • Employees
  • Management
  • Candidates
  • Files
  • Leaves
  • Jobs and Openings
  • Contents
  • Settings

Let’s have a read up on these nine important modules of this SharePoint hr portal features.

1. Dashboard

The first icon of the human resource management system is the SharePoint hr portal Dashboard. The Dashboard gives a small overview of New Candidates who recently joined, Upcoming Leaves of employees, all Recent Documents which are accessed and all available Openings in the company.

This is a cool feature, right? Apart from other systems, all this information will be shown on a single page with just one click on the Dashboard. Thus the advanced Dashboard shows a small overview of most important tasks of our SharePoint online HR portal.

2. Employees

This is certainly another most exciting feature, it is a table with four columns lists that contain details of all the employees. The headings of this table include Name, Phone Number, Job Title and Email.

If you click on an employee you can view another page to find the details of that employee and manage his documents. This employee session has two unique features On boarding and Off boarding.

On boarding refers to the set of procedures to be taken while the employee is joining the company. Starting on-boarding feature will alert all the concerned departments to follow the steps while an employee is joining.

Off boarding is just the opposite of on boarding, when an employee is relieving the company this off boarding will alert all departments to do whatever they need to do with the employee resignation.

Employee leaves details are mentioned after the on boarding session. The employee is a very useful session for any company because all the steps can be stored and obtained very fast from a vast number of employees in a company. There is also a search bar at the top to find people based on the above attributes.

3. Management

This is the page to display the company’s top layer individual details. This portion shows who is your company CEO, CTO or other important manager level personnel.

The name, image, and designation are printed on a tile and displayed here. A quick look towards the company management can be seen on this page. Employees can also refer to this page to get any information regarding the change of managers or management.

4. Candidates

The candidate’s page is almost similar to the employee’s page. It contains all the general details about candidates who visit or attend interviews in the company. The details include First Name, Last name, Job Title, Date of Birth, Email and Mobile Number.

The above-mentioned on boarding feature is available here also. Like Employees page, this page also contains a search bar to search and sort details if necessary

5. Files

This is the page to upload and store all the documents associated with the human resource management team. Various documents, images, leave requests, scanned copies of official documents can be saved as soft copies. The uploaded files can be further shared with people with the help of a share button.

The files which are uploaded can be downloaded later for any other uses or can be deleted if they are not necessary. There is a search bar at the top to find files from this list. The files are sorted by default.

6. Leaves

Here the Human Resource Manager can manage the leaves of employees. The human resource manager will get a notification on who is applying for the leave. At this point, he can check whether the applied person has enough leave balance to apply for a leave. If not the manager can convert the leave to unpaid leave. The employee name, number of leaves, end date and assignee of the leave are listed on this page.

You can also view the status of the leave, whether it is approved, pending to approve or it is being rejected. If the person has exceeded the permissible leave limits then the leave request is rejected. Certain type of leaves needs permission from the authority such leaves will be shown as pending to approve.  A search bar is there if you need to search for something.

7. Jobs and Openings

This is very similar to a job portal. The internal employee requirements are listed on this page. The title of the job designation can be seen along with the number of required people and the status of selection. It also shows who posted the requirement. You can search for any particular listing in the search bar.

8. Contents

This is a super-useful page to manage the whole contents of the site. This page has small links with all the above-mentioned features and some additional links to manage different contents like Hr files,  images, quick forms, expense reports, reservations, travel request and more. The small icons are arranged in a way that quick access is possible any of the contents available on the page.

9. Settings

The settings page is used for creating new leave settings where the leave criteria are mentioned. You can also create new criteria for several designations and groups. Employees can refer to these criteria before applying for leave. For example, The maximum possible leave for a Software Engineer is 12 in a year. Such leave criteria can be created in this Leave Settings page.

Conclusion: The need for SharePoint HR Portal

The SharePoint HR Intranet Portal in Intranetbee has 9 top attributes and uncountable features internally. Do you know how the intranet bee has become the fastest growing intranet provider on the planet? Internet Bee cares for its customers to build an easy and stable intranet across there company. Feel the difference in using the next-generation features and ultra-fast loading of pages.

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