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It is a great time to start preparing for intranet goals in such a Pandemic situation. It helps to keep your employees engaged and connected.
In this article, we’ll discuss some important tips and tricks in the SharePoint intranet solution where we will cover some of the favourite advice, implementation and tricks that can gain huge insights while working in SharePoint.

  • First and foremost, the step is to create awesome SharePoint Views in SharePoint lists and libraries with key columns in the view which is visible for all. Modifying view in modern SharePoint is not a big deal which you can find in below screenshots

  • Create an Organizational Asset – You will be able to register one or more document libraries in SharePoint site as an organizational asset via PowerShell. Whenever you add images to web parts or page headers you can have a common set of images delivered across your organization to pick the images which helps to maintain your branding as well.
    Check out this official documentation for more information: Create an organization assets library
  • Target Audience in SharePoint navigation

Delivering content to the right group of people is a core feature in an Intranet solution. When certain news/page content needs to be seen by a group of people, audience targeting comes into a play. Out of the box navigation gives you the option for the same.

First edit the navigation and enable the audience targeting,

Now set the audience for each navigation elements as below,

  • Change the look of Home Site

Use the “Change the look” option in the settings gear icon to manage the out of the box branding of your site.

Theme : To update the theme colour across your intranet site
Header : To update logo, header background colour, layout
Navigation: To update Header main navigation style
Footer: To update the footer menus and icons in it.

  • Search Scope: Yes as an administrator to the site you can also decide what should be returned in the search result. Go to the Site Settings and utilize the below highlighted sections in the screen shot.

  • Create and Manage SharePoint Hub Sites – Create and organize sites based on organizational attributes like department, region etc, using SharePoint hub sites. It helps to maintain the same branding even across multiple site collection under a hub. As of now while writing this article we are able to create up to 2000 hub sites within a single tenant.
  • Power Automate – Last but not least, Power Platform getting more power these days. Power Automate (earlier called as MS Flow), for every item change in a given SharePoint list or Document library, the Power Automate triggers based on the events associated with it which helps to automate any business process like sending out approval emails, completion emails or status change notifications.

Hope, this article covered some of the important tips and tricks along with some features to make your SharePoint Intranet a better place to keep your employees engaged.

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