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This article focuses on SharePoint site examples using a few out of the box functionalities and common elements and web parts that one would expect on a good site. These work best on SharePoint team sites and communication sites based on modern pages.

Typical out of the box elements of a SharePoint Sites are:

News Widget

The News web part is a cool item to share the latest news and critical achievements of the team.


The team site is part of Office 365 Group, so a group calendar in outlook display the events created on it. You can display upcoming meetings, lunch dates, celebrations and various other calendar info on this webpart.

Quick Links

Quick Links allow you to show URLs on the widget. Any link to a website, SharePoint site, or a document shown on the quick links widget.

Recent Documents

This is another out of the box functionality which shows the latest activity, recently visited or modified documents. This will keep track of the updations on the sites.

Document Library

To store documents in SharePoint, you will need a document library. Every site by default has one, and there is option to create more based on purpose. Document library can be linked to the left navigation for ease of access.

Hero Web Part

Highlight content on pages and creating good first impression Hero Web Part is very useful. It displays contents from site pages and gives a bright look and feel.

The edit button at the top can be used to edit the Hero webpart and change the contents links and images

To change the background image of hero webpart scroll down the right navigation and click change below the image.

People Web Part

If you need to list people to contact. The People Web Part is a great web part you might want to use. It has people names, photos, and will be able to display info when you hover over it.

Countdown timer

If you want to create a deadline on something and make sure your employees have an attention on specific deadline. A Countdown timer web part on your site is very much helpful.

Weather module

This is great webpart to show the weather information. So, it is also an unavoidable out of the box feature which has attention from users.

Twitter Feed

Every other company has a twitter account and they keep it updated and posted. Here is a way to show the fresh content from your Twitter accounts. Here I am using the twitter handle of Microsoft for a demo.

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