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When a user login to SharePoint, what contents are visible/accessible to them is more important. Do you want to validate/check the access level of any user in SharePoint site? You are at the right place, let’s discuss what are the different ways available to do that.
SharePoint is completely a permission driven product, each and every component in SharePoint can be managed through permissions.

Check user permission in SharePoint using “Share” option

Login to your SharePoint online site, you will land up with a neat modern page layout. Look for the “Share” option in the top right corner of the heading/navigation area like below click on that,

It will open up a panel popup where you can view the user and their permissions on the site, also you will be granted/remove the permissions.

The other way to get this done from any page is, just go to “Gear Icon” and click “Site Permissions” where you will see the same set of the options like we discussed above.

If you are landed in any classic view of the SharePoint site, there also you will find the “Share” option at the top right like below,

In the upcoming popup, it will open with the default option to invite the users. Choose “Shared with” menu, there you can find the users and their permissions on the site

List of users having access to SharePoint

Go to the below page (user.aspx) for any SharePoint site, be sure to change the Site URL
If you have managed the SharePoint user permissions efficiently using the SharePoint groups, you can find which groups have what access like below. This page also gives you individual users permission level/access also.

You can notice if a user has more than one permission level assigned to them. This page will help to identify that also.

Check Permission of user using “Check Permissions” command

If you want to get more insights about the permission of a single user, the best approach would be checking the dedicated option for this using the “Check Permissions” option.
Go to the below page (user.aspx) for any SharePoint site, be sure to change the Site URL
Look for “Check Permissions” at the top banner options,

In the upcoming popup you can search for any individual user or group which will give you detailed information of each permission level that user/group is associated with. It will also give you the insights how the permission is granted either through group or granted directly.

One advantage in using this approach is you will be able to check the permissions for only one user at a time.

Check the permission associated with SharePoint groups

Managing the permission of SharePoint sites using SharePoint groups is the best practice, here is how you can check for the permissions associated with a group.
Go to the below page (groups.aspx) for any SharePoint site, be sure to change the Site URL
It will list you all the groups created in the current SharePoint site. Click any one of the groups and in the top find an option called “Settings” and choose “View Group Permissions”

It will give you detailed information about the permissions on the group.

We have explored different ways to check the SharePoint permission levels that a user is associated with. Hope it helps to manage access on your SharePoint components.

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